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Beverly - Triton Beach Park
Beverly - Triton Beach Park Information
1202 Triton Beach Road
Mayo, MD 21106
Park is open from 7:00 a.m. to dusk
(410) 222-1777

GPS Coordinates:
Longitude -76.495212 / Latitude 38.885114


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Park Rules

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Beverly - Triton Beach Park Aerial Map
Amenities and Facilities
Fishing (Chesapeake Bay, West River, Deep Pond, Beverley Lake)
Natural Trail - 0.94700 miles (estimate only)
Wildlife Viewing

Follow this link to view information aboutfishing in the parks


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From Annapolis, take Route 2  (Solomon’s Island Road) south (4.5 miles) to Route 214 (Central Ave.). Continue on Route 214 (Central Ave.) and turn left onto Shoreham Beach Road, then continue onto Triton Beach Road.


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