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Bachman Sports Complex

Bachman Sports Complex Information
570 East Ordnance Road
Glen Burnie, MD 21060
Phone:  (410) 222-0017
Game Hotline (410) 553-8996
George F. Bachman Sports Complex a 55-acre adult sports complex provides recreational, competitive leagues and tournaments for both men and women.

The complex contains 6 lighted softball fields, 1 lighted baseball field, and 1 lighted multi-purpose field. The dimensions of the softball fields are a universal 300 feet. The dimensions of the baseball field are 340 feet down the lines, 380 feet to the power alleys, and 400 feet to center.

The Bachman Sports Complex and Randazzo Softball Park are the sites of many softball tournaments hosted by national organizations, such as NSA, ISA, USSSA, Senior Softball Association, and other national organizations. In addition, this is the site of the MPSSAA girls' fast pitch semi-final tournament.


Dogs are not permitted at the Bachman Sports Complex during League and Tournament play.


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