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Recreation and Parks - Cartop Boat Launch  


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Cartop Boat Launch - Mayo Beach Park
(Permit Holders Only - Closed to the General Public)
Mayo Beach Park Information
(Permit Holders Only)
4150 Honeysuckle Drive
Mayo, MD 21037
(410) 222-7313
Chesapeake Bay
Easy Access to Water
ADC Map 5537 B-8
GPS Coordinates:  Lat. 38° 53’ 38.55” N
 Lon. 76° 29’ 29.16” W
Map Coordinates: X-1457076, Y-447528
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Cartop Boat Launch
Launch area for permit holders only.
Mayo Wind at Mayo Beach Park sits at the mouth of the South River off the Chesapeake Bay, on the southern side of the river. The launch area is for permit holders only. Mayo Beach Park is a great launch site windsurfers and kiters as well as for canoe and kayak enthusiasts.  There are several “Water Trails” that can be paddled to with several historic and scenic points of interest.

Access to the launch site is located off the entrance to the park just to the left after crossing the bridge. The launch site is part of the beach reconstruction and has changed somewhat. The area has a grassy rigging area and sandy beach. Parking is available at the site and it is a short distance to the water to launch. Parking or driving on the beach area is no longer allowed. There are limited services available in the park. The swimming area is now located directly to the south of the launch site and you will need to be aware of others in the water. Summer Day camps are on site from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the summer and they will be sharing the water with te cartop boats.

The best wind direction for windsurfers is southeast and south, but east and northeast are also great. North, northwest, and west can be good, but if you break down, it’s a long drift to the Eastern Shore.
The water is shallow for the first 200-300 yards then drops off. The river swell can get very large depending on the tide. Two to three feet swells are normal for the winds in the 12-18 mph range but can become significantly larger in higher winds. The swell is the long rolling variety but can get choppy with increased boat traffic. The water on the inside is good for beginners and the outside swell is good enough to loop. This site is good for all levels of windsurfers and kite boarders. Some of the attractions to see will be Thomas Point Lighthouse, Quiet Waters Park, Beverly Triton Beach, and London Town farther up the river. There are many small creeks along the shoreline to explore. For a permit or more information call (410) 222-7313.
Directions: From Annapolis, take Route 2  (Solomon’s Island Road) south (4.5 miles) to Route 214 (Central Ave.). Take Route 214 East (4.4 miles) and turn left on Shoreham Beach Road at Lou’s Store. Stay on Shoreham Beach Road (1 mile) through sharp turns (3 Mayo Beach signs) to Honeysuckle Drive. Turn onto Honeysuckle Drive (sharp right) and follow into the Park.
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