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Recreation and Parks - Cartop Boat Launch  


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Cartop Boat Launch and Fishing Spot - Jonas Green Park   
Jonas Green Park Information
1997 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Annapolis, MD 21409
(410) 222-6141
Severn River
Easy Access to Water
ADC Map 21 A-7
2009 ADC Map 5417 C-1
GPS Coordinates:  Lat. 38° 56’ 10.86” N
 Lon. 76° 30’ 35.03” W
Map Coordinates: X-1458701, Y-484466
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Image: Jonas Green Park

Jonas Green Park



Cartop Boat Launch

Located on the Severn River, Jonas Green Park offers a sandy beach for boat launching. The Severn River is a tidal waterway. The launching site is only 20 yards from the parking lot. Just thirty feet from the shoreline is a distinct drop off with a strong undertow. Winds are normally from 2-10 mph. Prevailing winds are from the NE. Be cautious of boats traveling the deeper waters. The park also has a fishing pier and restrooms (port-a-pots) for public use. This site is handicap accessible. Park hours are from dawn to dusk. For more information call Trail Headquarters at (410) 222-6141.

Fishing Spot

The park hours are from dawn to dusk with the exception of fishing pier which is open 24-hours a day for fishing only. Visitors must be actively fishing on the pier when in the park between dusk and dawn. Special rules may apply as noted. Please observe all state licensing requirements. Follow this link to view additional information about fishing in the parks.

Directions: From Pasadena, take Route 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) south to the Route 50 east exit. From that exit, bear right onto the Route 450 exit making a left at the stop sign onto Route 450. Continue on Route 450 to the traffic light at the base of the Naval Academy Bridge. Make a left onto Route 648 (Baltimore & Annapolis Boulevard) then an immediate right into Jonas Green Park.
Visitors Center
Wildlife Viewing
Picnic Area

Who was Jones Green?

Jonas Green, printer and newspaper editor, was born on December 28, 1712, in Boston, the fifth of the seven children. The Greens were a family of printers who came from Somerset, England, in 1627 to settle the colony of Massachusetts. Jonas Green learned the printing craft from his father, was employed by a Boston firm, and worked as a printer’s apprentice in Philadelphia for his cousin Benjamin Franklin. In 1738, Jonas married and moved to Annapolis, where the General Assembly approved legislation appointing him the colony’s public printer. Jonas Green served as public printer for the remainder of his life and as publisher of the revived Maryland Gazette from April 1745. Green served as a vestryman and registrar for St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, city alderman, postmaster, and secretary of the local Masonic lodge, and belonged to the Tuesday Club of Annapolis, from 1745 to 1756. In addition to his titles of “Poet Laureate” and “Master of Ceremonies,” club records refer to Green as “Jonas Green, P.P.P.P.P,” for “Poet, Printer, Punster, Purveyor and Punchmaker general.” Green died on April 7, 1767.


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