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Canoe & Kayak Launch Sites and Fishing Spots

Anne Arundel County’s Department of Recreation and Parks is pleased to provide information pertaining to Cartop Boat Launch sites and Fishing spots. Locate information such as cartop boat launch sites, fishing spots, type of water access and water condition and park amenities

Fishing Spots

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Rules and Regulations Relevant to Cartop Boating
  • Park hours are 7:00 a.m. to dusk
  • No swimming
  • No camping
  • No trailers
  • No alcohol
  • No fires
  • No overnight parking
  • All trash must be taken with you or place in a trash receptacle
What types of boats qualify as "cartop boats?"
In general a cartop boat refers to a canoe or kayak, although a boat that can be carried on or in a passenger vehicle that can be transported by hand to the water may qualify as a cartop boat.  None of the cartop boat launch sites has a ramp for trailered boats.
Please note that some sites are a long carry to the water or are difficult to access.
Certain Inflatable Kayaks Allowed at Cartop Boat Launch Sites
Inflatable kayaks must have multiple air chambers and be made of heavy duty PVC-coated polyester, Hypalon or similar material. These kayaks are meant to perform in a similar manner as rigid kayaks. Inflatable toy kayaks or rafts which are not designed to be placed in moving or rough water are prohibited from using the County Cartop Boat Launch sites. There is a distinct difference between these two different types of inflatables and for safety purposes you should never launch any craft that is not designed for the body of water being entered.
Prepare to Paddle Safely
Public Water Access Committee
For additional information contact the Park Administration office at (410) 222-7317.



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