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Recreation and Parks - Lasting Gift  


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Celebrate Life with a Lasting Gift

   General Information

The Lasting Gift Program is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone or an occasion that has touched your life. The program offers the opportunity to select designated options to celebrate life by enhancing parklands through sponsorship of a lasting gift. These gifts of today will remain treasures for tomorrow.

Through stewardship, you can feel satisfied that your gift will acknowledge a special person or occasion while helping to enhance conservation within our parks and along out trails.

Image: Quiet Waters Park
Quiet Waters Park

   Individuals, Organizations and Businesses

  • Honor a Person or Event
  • Memorialize a Family Member or Colleague
  • Celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, or Other Special Event
  • Recognize Your Business
  • Commemorate a Special Event or Milestone
  • Thank a Friend
  • Show Support for a Community Organization or Sports Team
  • Leave a Legacy for Generations to Come.

   Lasting Gift Suggestions

Give a gift of peace.
Personalized bricks create a distinctive, elegant impression and are a unique way to be a part of the beautification of the park. Brick inscription is limited to two lines of 15 characters each (spaces count as a character). The cost is $100 per engraved brick.
Image: Bricks

   Bicycle Racks

Give a gift of fun. Cycling is one of the most popular activities enjoyed in our parks. Providing a spot for rest allows cyclist to share friendships, relax, and stretch. Price available upon request.

   Drinking Fountains

Give a gift of refreshment. A fountain provides refreshment for both body and spirit. Water is truly the essence of life.
Donations of drinking fountains are available at various sites throughout our parks. These freeze-resistant concrete pedestal drinking fountains meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The cost for a memorial drinking fountain is $5,000.00, which includes permits and installation.


Give the gift of color. Individual or group donors may select dedicated areas to commemorate an event or persons with a blooming native or landscaped garden. Price available upon request.


Give a gift that grows. Trees not only memorialize events and lives, they are also your opportunity to improve the environment for future generations.
Shade trees like Oak, Elms, Sycamore and other appropriate species are welcome at several locations. Flowering trees like Dogwood, Crape Myrtle, Eastern Redbud, Serviceberry, Star Magnolia, Techny Arborvitae, Nellie Stevens Holly, and Liberty Elms are also acceptable. Trees donated along the trail system must meet the guidelines of the Baltimore Gas and Electric’s Right Tree, Right Place Program. Other specimen trees may be approved at the discretion of the Park Superintendent. Memorial trees must stand 6’ tall and 1-1 ½” caliper at the trunk minimum and donations must include planting and fertilizing costs (professionally provided). Cost of trees will vary by the type of tree selected. Each tree will be identified with a tree-tag.

   Park Beautification

Give a gift of beauty. Amenities including sculptures and interpretive signage enrich our parks and provide spiritual nourishment.
Image" Park Beautification

   Park Benches

Give a gift with a view. Benches provide a place to rest and a peaceful moment to enjoy the natural beauty of parks. Dedications of benches are being accepted for both existing park benches as well as new ones.  Existing benches may be dedicated throughout the park system for a donation of $1,000.00.

   Playgroud Structure

Give the gift of play. You can help provide safe, attractive places for our active youth - from riding toys to swing sets to climbing towers. Price available upon request.

   Picnic Tables

Give a gift of reminiscence. Sitting at the table brings back memories of old times with family and friends and provides the opportunity to create new ones. Price available upon request.


Give a gift of reminiscence. Consider supporting park and recreation services through a legacy bequest. Your contribution will leave a leave a rich legacy for future generations.

   Cash Donations

Give a gift of resources. What better way to promote, protect and enhance our parks for the benefit of the community.

   About the Lasting Gift Program

  • Lasting Gift Program are administered by each Friends groups and are tax-deductible.
  • Follow this link to view Lasting Gifts guidelines.

   Contact Us

For information regarding the Lasting Gift Program, please complete the form below or contact the Parks Administration Office at (410) 222-7317.
The Lasting Gift Program

Image: Park Benches
Park Bench at Hatton-Regester Green in Severna Park

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