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Reserve a Pavilion in a Community Park

  • Complete application for a pavilion or picnic area use in an Anne Arundel County Community Park.
  • Requests should include: date, time, three (3) potential locations and contact information.
  • Rain dates cannot be reserved.
  • For more information about about pavilion reservations, please submit inquiries via email to
  • The facilities scheduling office will respond to all requests within two business days. 
  • Create Account
  • Reserve Community Park Pavilions
Pavilion Usage Fee: Reservation fee $50.00 for the permitted use of a Recreation and Parks pavilion. 
Only one permit per day will be issued for each pavilion use.
Pavilions at Community Parks
If you are interested in the use of pavilions or picnic areas at a regional park, please contact the park directly.
Downs Park (410) 222-6230
 Fort Smallwood Park (410) 222-6230
Lake Waterford Park (410) 222-7313
Kinder Farm Park (410) 222-6115
Quiet Waters Park (410) 222-1777.

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