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Community Gardens

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Kinder Farm Park
Homeport Farm Park
(Future Site)
Hammonds Connection at the Dairy Farm (Future Site)

Community garden plots are an opportunity for the public to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruit.

 The Community Garden Advisory Committee was created to:
  • locate suitable sites for community gardens in Anne Arundel County
  • promote residential gardening throughout Anne Arundel County by producing materials that educate residents about best programs, including programs to be presented on the County‚Äôs cable television channels
  • develop a plan to create gardens throughout the County including opportunities for public/private partnerships
  • identify and implement partnerships with Anne Arundel County Public Schools for field trips and after school programs related to horticulture and agriculture and to include horticulture and agriculture into the academic curriculum
  • coordinate agricultural programs to be held at the Dairy Farm
  • work to maintain the Dairy Farm in agricultural use
Contact Us
For further information, please call the Parks Administration Office (410) 222-7317.
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