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Coaches Certification Clinic

Coaches are entrusted with the important responsibility of providing an enjoyable healthy youth sports experience.  They are challenged to nurture children in learning many of life's lessons - teamwork, respect for authority, winning and losing graciously, self-confidence  and discipline, and more. To help meet this important undertaking, we offer Coaches Certification Clinics four (4) times each year.  All Youth Head Coaches in County-sponsored leagues must be certified every three years.  To assist with this vital undertaking, the clinic covers topics such as, departmental procedures, coaching philosophy, sports psychology, legal matters, health and much more
There are three levels of certification:
Bronze: Coach's initial certification, (first time to a clinic). This is valid for three (3) years.
Silver: Coach's second certification.  After three (3) years a coach must return to the coach's clinic for a certification update or the second level of certification.
Gold: Coach's third and final level of certification.  Once a coach has attended a GOLD clinic he/she will have a lifetime certification.
If a coach DOES NOT re-certify prior to their expiration date of their current certification they may lose that certification and will become ineligible to coach.
  • There is NO charge to attend a clinic;
  • Clinics generally run for two (2) hours;
  • No pre-registration required.

Coaches Certification Clinic Schedule

Date:Thursday, August 28, 2014
Time:Registration begins at 6:00 p.m.
 Clinic begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.
Place:Old Mill High School  -  Auditorium
Use the main entrance to the facility
Parking is around the front and on the side of the school
For additional informationcontact Sports Supervisor Donna Liberto at (410) 222-7865 ext 3535.




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