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Background Check Program



General Information

The purpose of the Department of Recreation and Parks’ Background Check Program is to ensure that every individual who interacts with children undergoes a criminal history records check. The objective o the Background Check Program is to provide parents with peace of mind knowing their children are provided a safe and positive experience.
A criminal history records check serves as a means to review an individual’s background in respect to their participation with youth activities. While no screening process can grant absolute assurances, knowing an individual’s criminal background can provide greater certainty that an individual with a history of inappropriate behavior will not have access to our youth. A Parent’s watchful eye is still our greatest resource to keep our children safe.

To read additional information about the Department's Background Check program, please click on the Background Check Policy Program tab below.

 MD Sex Offender Registry (SOR) - Public Safety & Correctional Services website will open

Background Investigation

There are two options for completing the Background Investigation process. First option is to open the download form (PDF) below and complete investigation form. The second option is to select the "Complete Background Check Online" button and complete the investigation form online.
Questions about the Background Investigation process, please contact Sheri Price at (410) 222-4250 ext 5.
1. Background Investigation Disclosure and Authorization Form
Complete the Background Investigation disclosure and authorization form below. Participant Fee: $7.00 payable by cash, check or money order to AA County Dept of Recreation and Parks. Mail form and check or money order to Recreation and Parks Headquarters. Please do not mail cash. Cash can be accepted in person at Recreation and Parks Headquarters, 1 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD, 21401.

 Background Investigation Disclosure and Authorization Form  (form revised 7/12)
Walk-in or mail form to:
Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks
1 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401
Attn: Sheri Price

2. Background Investigation Disclosure and Authorization Form Online
Select the "Complete Background Check Online" button below and complete the form online.
Participant Fee: $7.00 payable by major credit card.
Background Check  
When you get to the Pinkerton page DO NOT click Applicant LogIn
Click on the box below which is:  Anne Arundel Recreation & Parks Volunteer Package.


Active Volunteers Database
(Background Check Coaches Certification Database)
 Active Volunteers Database   (document approximately 374 pages and 1,400 KB)

The active volunteers database is a list of volunteers and city of residence, the date of completion of the background check, the date of  the most recent Coaches' Clinic attended and certification number and level.
 The active volunteers database will be updated once per week. This is a useful tool for the community, coaches, recreation and athletic associations.

Please note the Adobe Acrobat program has a find feature that will help you quickly find a specific volunteer in the database. When the document is open go to the EDIT menu and select FIND; type the last name in the text field and click on the FIND button.

If you have any question regarding this database please contact Sheri Price at (410) 222-4250 ext 5.

Background Check Program Policy

To view the Program policy from Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Departmental follow this link to the Anne Arundel County Guidelines and Reference Manual.
Updates to the Background Check Program Policy

Individuals under the age of 18 can not be backgrounded, and therefore, cannot be responsible for children in programs affiliated with us.


The Department will no longer notify the individual when an update is due. It is the individual's responsibility to keep the information up to date.


Scouting Leaders and Assistant Leaders do not require a background check with Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.

Updated on 9/19/13

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