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About Us

Mission Statement
The Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks is essential to the well being and quality of life of every individual, family and community in Anne Arundel County.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of our citizens by offering quality active and passive recreational opportunities and accessible youth and adult services while pursuing the preservation and enhancement of our natural, cultural and historic resources.
Message from Director of Recreation and Parks
Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks is primarily responsible for the provision of a comprehensive system of recreational programs for county residents and the preservation of valuable land in the form of more than 140 parks and sanctuaries. Specialized recreational facilities, including two swim centers, two golf courses, baseball stadium and softball complex, programs such as school-age childcare and adaptive recreation and more than thousands of acres of land fall under the department’s jurisdiction. The department’s open space includes community parks, green ways, archaeological, environmental, and historical preserves, and large regional facilities occupying several hundred acres of land.
Detailed program information is available in the Department of Recreation and Parks’ Program Guide and on the Department's website. The Program Guide is published three times a year and distributed to all Anne Arundel County government agencies, libraries and schools. The Program Guide and website list seasonal recreational and sports programs, summer camps and activity centers, special events, information on school-age childcare and regional county parks. A vast array of county league and community sports is available as well. 
Image: Director of Recreation and Parks
                    Rick Anthony
       Director of Recreation and Parks
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