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Anne Arundel County Police Department
Training Academy

Anne Arundel County Police Department Training Academy
The Anne Arundel County Police Academy was established in January 1976. The current Police Academy is located in Davidsonville, Maryland. Prior to 1976, training was conducted at the Police Headquarters in Millersville. The Police Academy is an integral part of the Department providing instruction in entry-level, in-service, and specialized training. The Academy staff consists of 15 highly trained and dedicated members with expertise in all facets of police work. The Academy staff serves the training needs of the nearly 1,000 sworn and civilian personnel of  the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
The Academy also provides instruction to other Anne Arundel County law enforcement agencies and provides assistance to various federal law enforcement agencies when requested. The Academy currently hosts two entry-level training classes a year. The entry-level training program consists of six months of intense classroom and physical training. The recruit officers learn many aspects of law enforcement such as criminal law, constitutional law, patrol tactics, first responder, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, and firearms.
The Anne Arundel County Police Academy is certified by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC). The MPCTC requires that officers accurately complete over 150 mandates to become certified as a police officer in the State of Maryland. After completion of the six month Academy, officers are required by the MPCTC to complete 18 hours of ongoing education and firearms training annually. Specialized training is offered throughout the year, providing our agency, as well as others, with innovative and worthwhile programs.
In 1998, the Training Academy added a new state-of-the-art firearms range. The range is semi-enclosed to provide protection from the weather. It features many safety provisions as well as excellent training features. The firearms range has a containment system that allows for the safe retrieval and containment of both lead bullets and lead dust particles that may be present during training. It consists of 20 turning targets that can be operated in pairs or together. It also has two running man targets and a variable lighting system to simulate different lighting conditions. The range assists in preparing our officers for real life situations that they may encounter and helps to provide them with the best firearms training possible.
Anne Arundel County Police Department - Training Academy
Anne Arundel County Police Department - Training Academy



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