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Commercial Security Network

The Commercial Security Network is an organization comprised of members of the Anne Arundel County Police Department and various factions of the business community, working together in an effort to reduce the incidence of commercial crime. 
The purpose of the network is to promote dialogue between the Police Department and the business community to insure the most efficient and effective use of our combined resources in the fight against crime. 
The Network meets monthly, addressing issues of mutual concern brought before the membership. At these meetings informative programs are presented covering various loss prevention and crime reduction topics.
What are the goals of the CSN?
The goals of the Commercial Security Network are to: 
  • Forge a partnership between law enforcement and the business community in the fight against crime 
  • Insure good communications among all members of the business and law enforcement community 
  • Promote better understanding of each other's role in the fight against crime 
  • Bring about the most efficient and effective use of available resources 
  • Provide a forum for the exchange and coordination of information, ideas, and concepts relative to crime reduction
What are the benefits of Network Membership?
The Police Department offers to the business community a variety of resources such as reports of calls for service (statistics), crime prevention literature, videos, films, guest speakers, information concerning police policy and procedure, technical assistance, liaison with criminal investigators and crime prevention specialists.
There are additional benefits to joining the Network. Members: 
  • Join a unique partnership in the fight against crime
  • Receive a Network Directory, making it possible to expedite the exchange of information or pass on intelligence involving criminal activity and crime trends
  • Have a resource of training experts & specialists available to address crime reduction and loss prevention strategies
  • Are more aware of proactive crime prevention tactics, as well as more in-formed of crime trends and possible suspects
  • Can improve their operation and effectiveness, thereby reducing loss and making for a safer environment for consumers and workers
Topics addressed by the Commercial Security Network 
The Network addresses many issues and concerns of its members. For example: 
Crime Prevention
  • Shoplifting
  • Bad Checks
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Internal Theft
  • Drug Awareness
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Law Enforcement Initiatives
Criminal Justice
  • State's Attorney's Office
  • Special Police Commissions
  • Juvenile Services
  • District Court Commissioners
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Investigations  
  • Crime Trends
  • Investigator's Role
  • Profiling the Professional Shoplifter
  • Career Criminals
  • False Alarm Law and Policy
  • Financial Recovery Act
Who are CSN Members? 
Various entities of the business community are members of the Commercial Security Network, including:
  • Convenience Stores
  • Chain Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Financial Institutions
  • Industrial Parks
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Malls
  • Management Companies
  • Media
  • Oil Companies
  • Private Security
  • Retail Associations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Trade Councils
  • Utility Companies
All types of commercial enterprises are invited to join.
Helpful Crime Prevention Tips:
  • Limit the amount of cash on the sales floor and post a notice to that fact
  • Obtain and use a cash drop safe that cannot be opened by employees, and post a notice to that effect
  • Be aware of suspicious persons in and around your business
  • Use extra caution when opening and closing your establishment.
  • Maintain bait money in your register during operating hours
  • Do not attract attention when making bank deposits
  • Keep unused and rear doors secured during business hours.
  • All exterior doors & windows should be of sturdy construction and have good quality locks
  • Secure all roof vents, skylights, or other roof accesses against intruders
  • Do not place or store dumpsters, pallets, or other large objects near the building
  • Proper illumination both inside and outside deters crime
  • Keep exterior windows clear of posters and clutter
  • Alarm systems are a good deterrent against crime, especially if you post a notice of that fact
  • Secure valuable merchandise from would-be thieves
  • Obtain references and conduct background checks on all employees
Crime is Everyone's Business 
Law enforcement and the business community are working together in the fight against crime. They are sharing information, ideas, and concepts to help solve the crime problem plaguing our society today. 
The Commercial Security Network has strengthened the partnership between law enforcement and the business community. The efficient use of their combined resources has been beneficial in reducing loss and preventing crime. 
Remember, crime prevention is everyone's business. Be a part of the solution, join the partnership in the fight against crime.
Join the Community Security Network! 
Call or Write:
Commercial Security Network
c/o Anne Arundel County Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit 
8495 Veterans Highway 
Millersville, MD 21108
or call (410) 222-SAFE 



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