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Police Department Rules and Regulations
Main Chapter Headings
Section 1
Memo 14-019Rules & Regulations Manual
101Mission & Value Statement
101.1Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)
102Oath of Office & Code of Ethics
103Department Goals & Objectives
Memo 14-020Department Goals & Objectives - Calendar Year 2015
104Liaison With Other Agencies
105.1Legally Mandated Authority
105.1 Apx AExcerpt of Criminal Procedures, Sections 2-202 through 2-205
105.2Police Discretion & Alternatives to Arrest
105.3Pretrial Release
105.4Statewide Law Enforcement Authority
106Concurrent Jurisdiction
106.1New Beginnings Youth Development Center - Escape Procedures
107Mutual Aid
108Regional Services
Section 2
201Organization of the Police Department
201 Apx AOrganizational Chart
202Command, Supervision & Direction
203Administrative Reporting System & Periodic Required Activities
203 Apx AChart of Administrative Reports
203.1The Hot Sheet
205Written Directive System
205.1Development & Review of Written Directive Index Codes & Memoranda
205.2Standard Operating Procedures
206Agency Correspondence
207Department Forms Control
Memo 04-015Department Forms Control & Supply
208Building Security for the Headquarters Facility
Memo 14-013Bulding Security for Police Department Facilities
Memo 01-045Wearing of Departmental Photo Identification Card
Section 3
301Department Commendations
302Department Rules
303Disciplinary Process
303.1Internal Affairs
303.2Complaint Reception & Investigation
303.3Summary Punishment
303.4Employee Counseling & Retraining - Supervisors Remedial Action Form
PD 303.4Form - Supervisor’s Record of Employee Counseling
303.5Personnel Early Warning System
303.ADisciplinary Process for Civilian Employees
304Administrative Hearing & Suspension Boards
304.1Post-Conviction Actions & Appeals
305Expungement of Complaints
306Non-Punitive Diversion & Evaluation Programs
306 Apx ACurrent EAP Provider
307Photographing & Recording Officers by the Public
Section 4
401Use of Force
401 Apx AGlossary of Terms - Use of Force
401 Apx BForm - Use of Force Report
402Firearms & Ammunition
402 Apx ATraining Academy Weapon Transfer Order Form - PD 402
Memo 14-021Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004
Memo 14-021 Apx AApplication for Firearms Qualification (Retired Officers)
403Traumatic Incident Counseling
404OC Spray
405Deadly Force Review Board
406Conducted Electrical Weapon
407Less Lethal Impact Munitions Bean Bag Shotgun
Section 5
500Uniforms, Equipment, & Grooming and Appearance Standards
Memo 06-030Lapel Mics
Memo 05-058Parking Access Card for Annapolis District Court
500 Apx AIssued & Approved Uniforms & Equipment
500 Apx BApproved Crests/Pins
Section 6
602Fiscal Management Section
604Strategic Planning Unit
605Homeland Security & Intelligence (HSI) Section
605.AHomeland Security & Intelligence Section ROPE/VPI Squad
606Illegal Immigration
606 Apx AImmigration Detainer - Notice of Action - Form I-247
606 Apx BDetention Request Pending Transfer to Immigration & Customs Enforcement - PD 606B
608Certification of U-Visa Non-Immigrant Status
609Police Chaplains
611Department Staffing Review
612Department Budget Process
618Grants - Applications, Processing & Administration
619Procedures for Acquiring Goods & Services
619.1Department Cash Funds
619.2Department Credit Cards
PD 619.2Form - Department Credit Card
619.3Department Procurement Cards
Section 7
700Classification Plan & Job Descriptions
700.1Collective Bargaining
700.5Cadet Program
701Leave Benefits & Procedures
Memo 08-005Work Schedule for Specialized Units in the Districts
701.AAnnual Leave & Holiday Leave
701.CSick Leave
701.DExtended Sick Leave & Light Duty
701.D Apx AForm - Extended Sick Leave & Light Duty Status Report
701.D Apx BPD 33 - Time Sheet Light Duty Assignment - (ALL CAPTAINS, LIEUTENANTS & TIMEKEEPERS ONLY)
701.EOther Leave
701.FFamily & Medical Leave Act
701.GMilitary Deployment
702Job Related Injury & Workers’ Compensation
703Infectious Diseases
706Reporting Changes in Vital Information
707Performance Evaluations
707 Apx APD Form #639 - Probationary Employee Evaluation
711Overtime Pay, Compensatory Leave & On-Call Pay
712Secondary Employment
713Transfers: Routine & Specialized Assignments
714Probationary Period & Seniority Recognition
715Retirement Benefits
717Sexual Harassment
718Attendance During Weather Emergencies
719Health & Fitness
719 Apx APhysical Fitness Assessment Chart
720Alternative Work Schedule
750Line of Duty Deaths & Department Funerals
Section 8
801Training Program Development
802Recruit Training
802.1Field Training Program
802.1 Apx ACertification of Field Training Form (PD 802.1)
803In-Service Training
804Specialized Training
805Civilian Training
806Remedial Training
809Training Approvals, Attendance, Reimbursement & Documentation
811Affiliation with Anne Arundel Community College
813Career Development Program - Plan Description & Administration
813.ACareer Development Program - Career Counseling & In-Service Training
813.BCareer Development Program - Program Inventories
813.CCareer Development Program - Rotational Assignment Policy
813.DCareer Development Program - Acting Supervisor Policy
813.ECareer Development Program - Educational Development Plan
813.FCareer Development Program - Training for Supervisors & Counselors
Section 9
900Community Relations
901Crime Prevention
902Reserve Officer Program
903School Safety Section
910 Apx AInformation & Referral List
Section 10
1002Sexual Offenders - Notification & Registration (Meghan’s Law)
1002 Apx ACategories of Sexual Offenders
1002 Apx BState of Maryland Registration Form
1002 Apx CRegistered Sex Offender Information Change Form
1002 Apx DSexual Offender Registration Referral Form (PD 1002)
1003Registered Sexual Offender Entry Onto School or Day Care Property
1006Crime Analysis
Section 11
1101Communications Procedures
1101 Apx A10 - Codes
1101 Apx BPhonetic Alphabet & Military Time
Section 12
1200Property Management Function
Memo 04-008Accountability of Departmentally Owned/Purchased Property (ALL COMMANDERS/MANAGERS ONLY)
1200 Apx ADesignated Property Coordinators (ALL COMMANDERS/MANAGERS ONLY
1200 Apx BProperty Transfer Form (ALL COMMANDERS/MANAGERS ONLY)
1200 Apx CAddition To/Deletion From Inventory (ALL COMMANDERS/MANAGERS ONLY
1200 Apx DSample Size Table Evidence Custodian Change Audits
1201Evidence & Recovered Property - Reports & Packaging
1201.1Evidence & Recovered Property - Storage of Property
1201.2Recovered Firearms
Memo 13-021Recovered Firearms and the Maryland Gun Center
1201.2 Apx AAssault Rifles Classified as Regulated Firearms
1201.3Release & Disposal of Property
1202Controlled Dangerous Substances
1202.1CDS Field Testing Kits
1203Crime Scene Processing
1203.1Submission of Evidence to Crime Laboratory
1203.1 Apx ALatent Print Examination Request Form (PD 394)
1203.2Crime Scene Photography
1203.3Handling of Common Types of Physical Evidence
1207CDS-Related Asset Seizures
PD 1207Form - Seized Vehicle Information Sheet
Section 14
1400Court Procedures
Section 15
1500Department Vehicles
1501Operation & Care of Department Vehicles
1502Personal Patrol Vehicle (PPV) Program
1503Departmental Accidents
1503 Apx ADepartmental /Accident Investigation Summary
1503 Apx BVehicle Accident or Damage Report
1504Commercial Drivers Licenses - Drug & Alcohol Testing
1525Special Purpose & Reserve Vehicles
Section 16
1602Victim/Witness Assistance
1603Domestic Violence
1603.1Domestic Violence Incidents Involving Department Members
1603.2"Aware" Alarm Program
1603.3Interim Protective Orders, Interim Peace Orders, Protective Orders & Peace Orders
1604Domestic Violence Gun Laws
1605Family Violence
1610Patrol Function
1610.1Watch Your Car (WYC) Program
1611Mobile Crisis Team
1611.1Crisis Intervention Team
1611.2Peer Support Team/Critical Incident Stress Management Team
1612Access to Foreign Language Specialists
1612 Apx ALanguage Identification Card
1613Recreation & Parks
1614After-Hours Patrol Command
1615Bureau of Patrol Staffing
1617Roll Call
1618Incident Response
1619Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
1624Criminal Investigation Function
1625Criminal Investigation
1626Managing Criminal Investigations
1629Field Interviews
1630School Security Details
Memo 01-004Inter-District Response to Priority One Calls
1650 Apx APolice Vehicular Pursuit Report
1650 Apx BPursuit Reporting Form
1651Emergency Notifications & Hazards
1652LOJACK Vehicle Recovery System
1660Special Operations Section
1661Department Canines
Memo 04-023Departmental On-Call Positions
Memo 04-023ADepartmental On-Call Positions
Section 17
1700Juvenile Operations
1701Juvenile Procedures
1702Arrest & Custody of Juveniles
1703Procedures for Issuing Juvenile & Alcohol Citations (No Physical Arrest)
1704Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations
1705Investigations of Students at Public Schools
1705.1Arrest of Public School Students - Required Notification
PD 1705.1Form - Reportable Student Arrest
1706Juveniles & Tobacco Products
Section 18
1801Homicide Investigations
1802Sudden or Unattended Death Investigations
1804Investigation of Medical Cases
Memo 14-017Measures to Prevent Transmission of Deadly Agent-Quarantine
Memo 14-006Administration of Nasal Naloxone
1806Rape & Sex Offense Investigations
1806 Apx ASample Report
1807Racial, Religious, Ethnic, Sexual Orientation, or Disability Hate/Bias Incidents
1808Missing Persons
1808 Apx AMissing Person Search & Rescue Resources - Definitions
1808 Apx BMissing Person Search & Rescue Resources - Canine Resources
1808 Apx CMissing Person Search & Rescue Resources - Ground Search & Rescue Resources
1808 Apx DMissing Person Search & Rescue Resources - Search Management Resources
1808 Apx EMissing Person Search & Rescue Resources - Qualified Volunteer Resources
1810Abuse, Neglect, Self-Neglect & Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults
1812Alarms at Businesses & Private Residences
1818Fugitives & Extraditions
Memo 01-014Fugitive Warrants (DC/CR30) - Inclusion of Demanding Jurisdiction’s Charge on "Charge Against Fugitive"
1822Eyewitness Identification
1822 Apx APhoto Array Instruction Form
1824Interview Rooms
1828.AAlcoholic Beverages: Registration of Kegs
1830Responding to Persons With Mental Illness or Physical Disabilities
1832Submission of Digital Evidence to CATS Unit Laboratory
1832 Apx ARequest for Laboratory Examination Form
1832 Apx BChain of Custody Form
1832 Apx CContents of Detailed Summary
1833Identity Theft
1834License Plate Reader Program
1840 Apx AGang Member Debriefing Form (PD #1840A)
Article 18Article 18
Section 19
1901Traffic Function
1902Selective Traffic Enforcement
1902 Apx ADirected Patrol Form
1902 Apx BDirected Patrol Log
1903Traffic Law Enforcement
Memo 12-012Updated Parking Violations
1904.1Bias Based Profiling
1904.1 Apx ATraffic Stop Data Sheet
1904.2Electronic Traffic Information Exchange (E Tix)
1905DUI Enforcement & Procedures
1905 Apx ADUI Information Data Sheet
1905 Apx BDUI Charging Chart
1905.2Alcohol Enforcement Countermeasures
1906Traffic Accident Investigation
PD 382Form - Accident Information Summary
1906.1Fatal Accident Investigation
1907Traffic Direction & Control
1908Traffic Assistance
1909Tow Procedures
1909.1Tow Dispatch/Communications Section Procedures
1910Abandoned Vehicles
1912MD Safety Equipment Repair Order (MSP157)
1937Traffic Citations - Issuing the MD Uniform Complaint & Citation
1937.ATraffic Citation Accountability & Control
1937.BVoiding Traffic Citations
Section 20
2001 Apx ANotification of Person Released w/o Charges
2001.1Diplomatic Immunity
2001.1 Apx ADiplomatic & Consular Privileges & Immunities from Criminal Jurisdiction
2001.1 Apx BList of Useful Telephone Numbers
2001.2Foreign Nationals & Consular Notification
2001.2 Apx AMandatory Notification Countries
2001.2 Apx BFax Sheet - Consular Notification
2001.2 Apx CMandatory Notification Countries and Jurisdictions
2001.2 Apx DArresting a Non-U.S. Citizen, Consular Notification Process
2002Security of Prisoners/Victims for EMS and Hospital Settings
2003Prisoner Transportation
2003.2Transportation of Prisoners Confined to a Wheelchair
2004Holding Facilities
2004 Apx AGlossary of Terms - Holding Facilities
2004 Apx BTable of Periodic Holding Facility Activities
2005Stop & Frisk
2005 Apx APD 2005 (MSP 97) - Stop & Frisk Report
2006Arrest of Military Deserters
Section 21
2110Warrant, Summons, & Interim Protective Order Service
2180Statement of Charges - Instructions for Completing Form DC/CR2
Memo 09-051Collection of Domestic Related Incident (DRI) Data
Memo 03-041Placement of Soundex number on Statement of Charges and Application for Statement of Charges
2180.1Statement of Charges Continued - Instructions for Completing Form
2180.2Application for a Statement of Charges - Instructions for Completing Form DC/CR1
Memo 01-027Departmental Case Number Appearing on Statement of Charges/Judge’s Name Included in Probable Cause Statement
2190Adult Uniform Criminal Citation
2190 Apx AExample of Criminal Citation
2190 Apx BCriminal Offenses
2191Adult Uniform Civil Citation
Memo 03-034Enforcement of County Animal Control Laws
2191 Apx AExamples of Civil Citations
2191 Apx BCivil Offenses
Section 22
2200Reporting Requirements
Memo 14-016Lost/Stolen Firearms and the Maryland Gun Center
2201Incidents Requiring a Written Report
2201 Apx AChart of Field Reports
2202Telephone Reporting Section (TRS)
2203Case Clearance & Administrative Designation
2204Field Reporting Forms
2205Written Reports: Content & Style
Section 23
2301Anne Arundel County Emergency Management Plan
2302Emergency Powers of the County Executive
2304Incident Command System
2304 Apx AIncident Command System
2306Emergency Mobilization Plan
2307Post-Emergency De-Escalation
Section 24
2420Public Information/Media Policy

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