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Tampering with Auto Arrests - Pasadena

Publish Date: 07/31/2014

Northern District

Tampering with Auto Arrests - Pasadena

On July 31, 2014 at approximately 4:20 a.m. plain clothes officers were in the area of Rich Morton Automotive located at 51 Mountain Rd when they observed two males acting in a suspicious manner on the parking lot of the dealership which was closed at the time.


The officers approached the males, identified themselves as police officers and detained the two males. Upon checking the business’ lot, they located a new Toyota Highlander running. The males admitted to being inside of the vehicle. After further investigation they were arrested.


While officers were at the dealership, a call came in on Americana Circle, which is in close proximity to the dealership. A victim at that location reported that his car was broken into and his I-POD was missing. A search incident to arrest of the two suspects revealed an I-POD on one of the suspects. The I-POD was positively identified as the victim’s I-POD from Americana Circle.   The stolen I-POD was returned to the owner.


The suspects were charged in both incidents.



Christopher Allen Beatty, Jr. 19, 505 Washburn Ave Baltimore, MD 21225

David Wayne Pearce, Jr. 21, 825 Fernhill Rd. Baltimore, MD 21226

Both were charged with rogue and vagabond, possession of burglary tools, and theft under $1000.   


Christopher Allen Beatty, Jr. 19   

David Wayne Pearce, Jr.


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