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Burglary - Glen Burnie

Publish Date: 06/19/2014

Northern District

Burglary - Glen Burnie

On June 17, 2014, at approximately 7:12 p.m., officers from the Northern District responded to the 100 block of Crain Highway South in Glen Burnie for a trespassing complaint that was occurring at a neighboring address on Crain Highway.


Upon arrival, officers spoke with an employee from the Bank of Glen Burnie, who stated that she observed three individuals enter a second floor vacant office located at 103 Crain Highway. The building is also owned by the Bank of Glen Burnie. Officers entered the building and searched the premises. They located three people inside of the office.


It was discovered that the suspects entered the office by removing the trim from a window in the door and then moving the window enough to reach in and unlock the door. It appears that the suspects entered the business to use controlled dangerous substances based evidence found on their persons and inside of the building.


The following suspects were charged with second, third, and fourth degree burglary, trespassing, and possession of CDS paraphernalia:



Shawn Sylvester Clarke, 43, 514 Crain Highway North, Glen Burnie MD 21061

Christopher Nathaniel Phelps, 26, 4432 Norfan Rd. Baltimore MD 21227

Makayla Stowe Beattie, 20, 10 Luke Drive Pasadena MD 21122


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