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CrimeReports.Com Disclaimer

You may also view community crime statistics by using My Anne Arundel, selecting an address and the community crime statistics category.
Icon: Crime Reports Logo is an online mapping and analysis service provided by Public Engines, Incorporated. uses police data to provide the public with crime statistics via a Google-based map or a descriptive summary format. Members of the public may also sign up to receive free email alerts based on user-defined parameters such as geography, crime type, and frequency.
Crime data is updated daily and contains the most recent 30 days of online data. utilizes Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data generated by calls for service. CAD data is NOT the same as reported crime data, so while every effort is being made to provide the most accurate crime data possible, the information displayed on is subject to some degree of error. In addition, uploading of data to may be delayed by scheduled maintenance or general system failure.
Please be advised that will not provide specific information related to how a crime was committed or who was involved. The information provided will only allow users to get a general sense of the types of calls for service that have been generated through the CAD system, the volume of calls for service received, and the classification of those calls. To ensure that victim, witness, or suspect information is not compromised, calls are mapped depicting only the general block number of the incident, as opposed to the specific address (for example, 1200 Main Street instead of 1234 Main Street).
The Anne Arundel County Police Department does not make or imply any warranty or guarantee regarding the content, geographic accuracy, timeliness, completeness, sequence or accuracy of any of the information provided by This information is provided strictly as a courtesy to the public.


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