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Annapolis, Maryland 21401
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Planning and Zoning - Transportation Division  


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Current Transportation Projects

Transportation projects planned, designed and constructed within the County typically are developed by land developers through a permit process, as a capital project by the Department of Public Works or as a project by the Maryland State Highway Administration. The Department of Public Works maintains a list of projects and their current status on their website. The SHA, the Maryland Transportation Authority and the Maryland Transit Administration maintain a list a major projects on the Maryland Department of Transportation website.


Completed Reports & Studies
MD 175 Phase II Feasibility Study 
Transportation Study for the Odenton Town Center Master Plan 
Fort Meade Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Near Term Highway Corridor Studies
BRAC Impacts on Fort Meade Area Housing Final Report
OEA Funded Transit/Rideshare Clearinghouse Final Report
GDP Background Report on Transportation - 2008 

Transit Development Plan Update - 2009 


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