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Transit Development Plan

Since the adoption of the 1997 GDP, the County prepared a Transit Development Plan (TDP) which identifies priorities for bus transit improvements and strives to better coordinate existing services.
Transit in the County is provided by both fixed guideway (rail) and by bus transit. Bus transit is provided both in terms of State operated commuter and fixed route transit by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and locally operated transit systems provided by the City of Annapolis Transit (AT) and by the Corridor Transportation Corporation (CTC). Both AT and CTC receive operating subsidies from the County to offset the cost of providing routes within County areas. The TDP identifies areas underserved in the County and recommend priorities to deliver transit service.
The highest route priorities for bus transit in the 2003 TDP are:
  • West County service bundle including connections to Fort Meade, Severn, Odenton, Crofton and Laurel,
  • North and East County service bundle including connections to Pasadena, Lake Shore, Glen Burnie, and Riviera Beach,
  • Edgewater, Annapolis, Parole, and Arnold connections, and
  • South County service bundle including connections to Waysons, Deale, and Shady Side from Annapolis
Approximate service areas and routes of these bus transit bundles are displayed in the Transit Development Plan.

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