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Ridesharing Information

The County and the Maryland Transit Administration partner with the Annapolis Regional Transportation Management Association (ARTMA) and the BWI Business Partnership, Inc. to promote commuter options which save money, time, and our quality of life while reducing congestion and pollution.
Almost half of our residents commute outside the County on a daily basis and chances are that one of your neighbors has a similar travel pattern. ARTMA and BWI Business Partnership can provide you with a list of people who you can rideshare with and can also suggest public transportation alternatives. Register to rideshare and start reaping the following benefits:
  • Lower gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance expenses
  • Shorter commute time by taking an HOV lane
  • Less stress and more time to relax while not driving
  • Improved air quality
  • Decreased congestion
For information about carpooling, public transportation, and other commute alternatives, please contact ARTMA at (410) 269-RIDE or the BWI Partnership at (410) 859-1000.



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