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Our Mobility Partners

Simply put, mobility is the ease by which all of us are able to travel from one destination to another. Mobility within Anne Arundel County is provided by various agencies at the Federal, State and local level. 
The County is situated on the Northeast Corridor of AMTRAK with service from Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). In addition to passenger rail and an international airport, the County also is afforded mobility through MARC commuter rail on the AMTRAK or Penn Line and on the CSX Line via Dorsey. This service to both Baltimore and Washington, and points in between, is operated by the Maryland Transit Administration. Additionally, the County is served by the light rail transit, also operated by the Maryland Transit Administration. Schedules and station locations for both commuter rail and light rail are available on their website.
Bus transit service is provided by three separate operators: Annapolis Transit, which provides service connecting to Annapolis and in the adjacent areas of the County; the Corridor Transportation Corporation, which operates in the western portion of the County, along with Howard County, City of Laurel and northern portions of Prince George’s County; and the Maryland Transit Administration, which provides commuter bus service to Baltimore and Washington as well as some intra-county service. For each of these operators please consult their websites for schedules, route maps, route planning, fares and station locations. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) operates most of the bus service within Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties and all of the bus service within Washington, D.C., along with metrorail service within those counties and Washington.
Most of the mobility provided within the County comes in the form of automobile travel. The County has over 4800 lane miles of roads maintained by the Department of Public Works, the State Highway Administration, and the City of Annapolis, in the order of lane mile ownership. 



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