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Level of Service Map

Levels of Service A, B, C and D are generally representative of delay times acceptable to most drivers under typical travel conditions. Levels of Service E and F reflect the higher delay time ranges and can be regarded as approximations of the limits of acceptable delay, especially if found to occur over long periods of time. Once capacity is reached along a roadway or at an intersection and travel demand continues to increase the duration of the congestion (length of time when the intersection or location operates at an unacceptable level of service) lengthens. This occurrence is typical in more urbanized areas and less tolerable in suburbanized areas.The Level of Service Map identifies the level of service along the roadway network in Anne Arundel County as a qualitative description of roadway operations ranging from LOS A (free flow conditions) to LOS F (completely jammed conditions). In urbanized areas such as northern and eastern portions of the County, signal density (number of signals per center line mile of highway) dictates travel flow and delay. Typically signal density of less than one per two-mile segment frames the amount of delay. In less urban areas, where the roadways are controlled by devices (typically STOP and YIELD signs) on the minor street approach and the and geometry of the roadway (lane width, available shoulder width, terrain and typography) are the features which dictate the capacity of the road.
Level of Service Maps provided are based on observed travel demand and network capacities during that year.



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