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New Legislation - Senate Bill 236

Senate Bill 236 regarding subdivisions developed on septic systems is now in effect. The Bill contains provisions that will restrict the location of major and minor subdivisions, or site development plans for single family condominiums utilizing septic systems. If you are preparing to move forward with a new residential development application on septic or have a current application under review, you need to review Senate Bill 236 in detail as it includes certain bench mark dates for grandfathering of projects in Anne Arundel County (see link below). The first critical grandfathering date is July 1, 2012 for submittal of a percolation test application and Engineer preliminary plan submittal.
The county will be developing criteria required by Senate Bill 236 in the coming months and will post the information as it becomes available. This will include the four Tiers outlined in the bill and procedures for reviewing the affected subdivisions. Specific questions should be submitted by e-mail to the Office of Planning and Zoning or the Health Department . We will prepare an FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions list which we will post on the web site in the near future.

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