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Heritage Office Complex
2664 Riva Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
General Information: (410) 222-7450


Planning and Zoning - Research & GIS Division  


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Information Counter - Maps, Publications and Services

Fourth Floor, 2664 Riva Road, Heritage Office Complex Icon: PDF, Annapolis, MD 21401
Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Counter (410) 222-7463, Demographer (410) 222-7739, Fax (410) 222-7255
Small Area Plans$15.00/Each
Parole By Design Master Plan$25.00
Odenton Town Center Master Plan$20.00
General Development Plan (2009)$40.00
Zoning, Subdivision Regulations Ordinance$10.00
Stormwater, Floodplain, Grading Ordinances$5.00/Each
Stormwater Management Practices and Procedures Manual$12.00
Landscape Manual$5.00
Water and Sewer Master Plan$25.00
2003 Solid Waste Master Plan$14.00
Marinas of Anne Arundel County 2010$5.00
Development Activity Impact on School FacilitiesAvailable online only
2009 Apartments StudyAvailable online only
Full Sheet (Zoning)$50.00
Half Sheet (Zoning)$25.00
1995 Topography 8 ½ x 11 Sheet$5.00/Copy
1985 Topography Full Sheet$5.00/Copy
8 ½ x 11 Sheet (Color or Black & White)$5.00
11 x 17 Sheet Color$6.00
30 x 40 Sheet Color$40.00
Subdivision Activity Maps$10.00/Map
Water and Sewer Maps$30.00/Set - $3.00/Each
BOG Maps Full Sheet$50.00
BOG Maps Half Sheet$25.00
BOG Maps 11 x 17$6.00
BOG Maps 8 ½ x 11$5.00
Critical Area Maps$84.00/Set - $3.00/Each
Buffer Exemption Maps Full Set$150.00/Set - $3.00/Each
Replacement Signs
Variance, Special Exception, Rezoning, Critical Area$35.00/Sign
Subdivision, Site Development Plan and Mixed Use$35.00/Sign
Parole Town Center$15.00/Sign
Copy Services
8 ½ x 11 or 11 x 17 Sheet$0.25/Sheet
Plans/Plats (Blue Prints)$5.00/Sheet
Aerial Photos - Black & White or Color$5.00/Copy
Digital Data Products
Base Map CD - Includes$20.00/Disk
  • Anne Arundel County Boundary
  • Annapolis City Boundary
  • Major Communities
  • Tax Assessment Districts
  • Small Area Planning Boundaries
  • Councilmanic Districts
  • Development Review Areas
  • 2009 General Development Plan Land Use
  • Street File
Planning CD - Includes$250.00/Disk
  • Zoning
  • Street File
Water and Sewer Service CD - Includes$200.00/Disk
  • Water Service Timing Areas
  • Water Pressure Zones
  • Sewer Service Timing Areas
  • Sewer Service Areas
  • Street File
Development CD - Includes$150.00/Disk
  • Development Review Areas
  • Priority Funding Areas
  • Parole Growth Management Area
  • Odenton Growth Management Area
  • Transportation Zones 2000
  • Transportation Impact Fee Zones
  • School Impact Fee Zones
  • BWI 4- Mile District
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan Map (pdf)
  • Transit Map
  • Street File
Environment Data CD - Includes:$250.00/Disk
  • Critical Areas
  • Buffer Exemption Polygons
  • BOGS 100 ft Buffer
  • BOGS 300 ft Buffer
  • BOGS – GPS surveyed bogs
  • Critical Area Amendment Layer
  • Buffer Exemption Amendment Layer
  • BOG’s Contributing Drainage Areas
  • BOG Protected Streams
Checks should be made payable to "Anne Arundel County."
1Development Review Areas Icon: PDFCounty Development Review Areas
2Zoning Icon: PDFZoning Classifications
4School Impact Fee Zones Icon: PDFDistricts
5Transportation Impact Fee Zones Icon: PDFDistricts
6Council Districts Icon: PDFCouncil Districts with Council Person
14Sewer Service Icon: PDFSewer Designations
15Water Service Icon: PDFWater Designations & Pressure Zones
16Small Planning Areas (SAP) Icon: PDFSmall Area Planning Boundaries
18Communities and Major Roads Icon: PDFCities, Communities, & Roads
282000 Census Tract Boundaries Icon: PDFCensus Tract Boundaries and Numbers
29Critical Area Maps Icon: PDFCritical Area Map Index and Link to Map
32Land Use Plan - 2009 Icon: PDFLand Use Plan
33Park and Rides Icon: PDFPark and Ride Locations
35Tax Assessment DistrictsIcon: PDFTax Assessment Districts and Boundaries
39Priority Funding AreasPriority Funding Area Locations
42Mass Transit Icon: PDFRail Lines, Stations and Airports
461990 Census Tract Boundaries Icon: PDF1990 Census Tract Boundaries & Numbers
49BWI Airport 4 Mile DistrictBWI Airport 4 Mile District Map
51Scenic and Historic Roads Icon: PDFAdopted Scenic and Historic Roads, 2006
52Buffer Modification Area Icon: PDFBuffer Modification Area
53Functional Classification - 2009 Icon: PDFRoad Functional Classifications, 2009




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