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Development Impact Fees  

In 1987, Anne Arundel County adopted Bill 50-87 which requires any person who improves real property to pay development impact fees. The law was subsequently amended in July 1992 by Bill 58-92 and in December 2001 by Bill 96-01. Article 17 Sections 11-201 through 11-213 of the County Code provide requirements for Development Impact Fees.
The basis for development impact fees is that new development results in impacts on public infrastructure such as schools, roads, and public safety facilities. In order for Anne Arundel County to remain a desirable place to work and live, the cost of providing these needed public facilities must be addressed. Impact fees provide an alternative to providing the needed public improvements rather than letting the improvements lag behind or putting the burden upon taxpayers by increasing taxes. The purpose of these charges is to shift a pro rata share of public capital improvement costs to the developments that create the need for those improvements.
Fee Schedule
Impact fees are based on the net increase in impacts attributable to the change of use or improvement of a property and are due prior to the issuance of a building permit or a zoning certificate of use. The fees are to be paid to the Department of Inspections and Permits. The amount of the fee shall be set as of the date of application for the building permit or zoning certificate of use. A replacement of or addition to an existing dwelling is not subject to development impact fees.
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