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Parole Urban Design Concept Plan


Introduction and Planner's Notes Icon PDF


Why Parole? Icon PDF


Creating A Vision: Issues And Objectives Icon PDF

A. Basic Values

B. Key Conditions and Trends

1. The Character of Parole
2. Land Use
3. Circulation
4. The Environment
5. Utilities
6. The Market

C. Development Program Strategy


A Prescription for Change Icon PDF

A. A Design for the Growth Management Area

B. The Functional Plans

1. Circulation
2. The Environment
3. Setting and Buildings
4. Streetscape
5. Pedestrians and Public Spaces

C. Design Concepts for the Sub-Areas

1. Urban Core
2. Riva Road N.E.
3. Forest Drive/Annapolis Harbour Center
4. Hudson Street/Route 2 East
5. Mall/Annapolis Plaza
6. Jennifer Road/Hospital
7. Bestgate Road
8. Housley Road
9. Route 450 Plaza
10. Riva North/Government Park
11. Admiral Cochrane/Riva S.E.


Phasing and Implementation Icon PDF

A. Land Use

1. Land Values and Market Issues
2. Housing
3. Office and Mixed-Use
4. Land Use Adjustments

B. Phasing of Urban Design Plan

1. North Parole - Short Term
2. Central Parole - Short Term
3. Riva - Short Term
4. North Parole - Long Term
5. Central Parole - Long Term
6. Riva - Long Term

C. Role of Incentive Program and Legislative Actions

1. Overall Incentive Program
2. Legislative Action

D. Development Criteria and Design Manual

E. Functional Plans

1. Implementation
2. Funding and Financial Incentives

F. Institutional Initiatives - The County's Role

1. Recognition of Parole in the Capital Improvement Program
2. A Parking Authority
3. Support to the Annapolis Regional Transportation Management Association (ARTMA)
4. Creation of an Urban Taxing District for Parole

G. City/County Cooperative Efforts

H. Creating a Constituency

1. A Citizen Advisory Board
2. A Parole Promotional Group
3. A Broadened TMA
4. A Public Design Review

I. Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Traffic Modeling and Transportation Issues
2. Water Quality Monitoring
3. Development Review
4. Capital Improvement Program
5. Annual Review of Progress


Beyond the PGMA Icon PDF

A. Parole Growth Impact Area

B. A Greenbelt Concept

C. A Balanced Approach to Growth Management

Appendices Icon PDF
Appendix A: The Citizen Committee
Appendix B: Parole Charrette
Appendix C: Adopted Regulations: Zoning Ordinance, Title 1B and Title 15
PGMA Sub-Areas Icon: PDF

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