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Odenton Town Center:  Sub-Area and Block Regulations

The Odenton Town Center is comprised of seven sub-areas that serve as regulatory zoning districts -- Core (O-COR), Village (O-VIL), Transition (O-TRA), Industrial (O-IND), East Odenton (O-EOD), North Odenton (O-NOD), and Fort Meade Development Area (O-FTM).  Each sub-area has a specific character and purpose within the overall concept.  A PDF of the Sub-Area Regulatory Zoning Map can be found below.
In order to provide guidance regarding building height, development intensity, and other issues that are important to an urban center and its adjoining areas, a series of regulatory blocks have further been identified within each Sub-Area of the OTC and are generally defined by shared planning objectives, principal land uses, or physical sepearations such as major roads or stream valleys.  A PDF of the Block Regulatory Map can be found below.
In addition to the two maps provided below, a summary of development requirements by Sub-Area and Block is provided.  For full details on the regulatory requirements of the Odenton Town Center Master Plan, please refer to the full document.
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