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Odenton Town Center

The Odenton Town Center (OTC) encorporates an area of 1,620 acres located in the western part of Anne Arundel County.  It is envisioned that the OTC will be a vital community where some live and work and others come for the shopping, entertainment, cultural enhancement, and transportation access provided.  It will offer something for everyone and will be a place that brings the Odenton area's diverse population together as a community.  The OTC is at the heart of an area that has experienced tremendous residential and business growth in recent decades and is expected to experience even more growth in the decades to come.


Odenton Town Center Development


The map and table below show in-progress and recently completed development projects within the Odenton Town Center.  The map can be expanded by clicking on it below.  Below the map are links to additional information about the completed and in-progress development projects.  Please note that the in-progress projects also refer to those that are currently undergoing plan and/or permit review.



Completed Development Projects


In-Progress Development Projects


Odenton Town Center Master Plan


The OTC Master Plan includes general planning guidance for land use and development, as well as regulatory requirements.  The full text of the Master Plan can be accessed by clicking on the cover to the right or by selecting "OTC Master Plan" from "Documents".  All text labeled "Requirements" in the Plan constitutes regulatory directives.  Some of the key regulatory information can be found through the links below.


Sub-Area and Block Regulations


Mix of Uses


Roadways and Streetscape Design Standards


Odenton Town Center

Oversight Committee

The advisory committee meets monthly to discuss development and other activities in the OTC.  Meetings are open to the public.


Meeting Location:

Western District Police Station

8273 Telegraph Road

Odenton, MD 21113

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.










OTC Master Plan (2009)

OTC Annual Report (2013)

OTC Annual Report (2011)

OTC Retail Study

OTC Transportation Study

MD 175 Feasibility Study

For more information, contact Mike Fox, Senior Planner, Long Range Planning:


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