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Greenways Master Plan

Greenway Master Final Plan in Icon: PDF (Note: The plan is 159 pages. It will take several minutes to access.)


Executive Summary



Plan Preparation

Chapter 1 - Background for the Plan

Green Infrastructure
Anne Arundel County’s Comprehensive Plan & Small Area Planning Program
Anne Arundel County’s Land Preservation and Recreation Planning Program

Chapter 2 - Approach and Methodology

Application to Anne Arundel County
The Selected Criteria for Greenways
Selection of Greenways

Chapter 3 - Proposed Greenways Network

Description of the Network
Protected and Unprotected Sections
Greenway Names, Segments, and Groups
Map Scale
Greenway Boundaries
Sensitive Areas Outside the Greenways Network
Critical Connections
Relation to Green Infrastructure
Public Use Of Greenways
Recommendations of Small Area Plans

Chapter 4 - Implementation

Strategy 1: Organization and Outreach
Strategy 2: Detailed Planning
Strategy 3: Land Protection and Enhancement
Strategy 4: Financing the Greenway Network

Appendix – Case Studies

Patuxent River Greenway
Dairy Farm Greenway


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