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2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

  1. To update the 2003 Anne Arundel County Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan by comprehensively identifying current facilities and amenities, as well as facility and associated amenity needs, problems, gaps and improvement opportunities;
  2. To devise and apply a methodology for evaluating and prioritizing potential pedestrian/bicycle facility and amenity improvements; and
  3. To recommend amendments to the County Design Manual and Subdivision Regulations (including Adequate Public Facility (APF) mitigation requirements for roads) which:

a. Foster improvements to the County’s network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities in a logical, cost effective, systematic and consistent manner;

b. Provide guidance to County planners and engineers as well as to property owners and developers; and

c. Take advantage of funding opportunities as they arise via public and/or private sector participation.



As outlined in the 2003 Anne Arundel County Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan there are ample substantive reasons for the County to promote walking and cycling ranging from personal health benefits, to improving air quality, to reducing dependence on foreign oil supplies, to offering citizens a choice among mobility options.

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This study will focus primarily on identifying strategies which facilitate and foster pedestrian and bicycle utilitarian trips, such as to work, school or shopping, as opposed to purely recreational trips. A major objective of the study is to comprehensively identify and assess deficiencies and continuity gaps within the County’s network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the County’s urbanized area - defined as located within the boundaries of planned utility service (water and sewer district). The study will then seek to identify and prioritize potential corrective actions based on a set of criteria to be determined during the course of the study.

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The network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities which presently exists in Anne Arundel County evolved over many years, often in a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion. While the County has miles of well designed sidewalks, striped bike lanes and off-road trails, there are also many locations where walkers and cyclists are frustrated by inadequate, unlinked or non-existent facilities.


The study will address those situations in both a systemic and a site specific manner, evaluating individual facilities as part of a local and regional multimodal transportation network. The study will also identify unmet user needs, including latent demand due to unrealized, unsafe or inadequate connections. In this way, the study will recognize walking and bicycling as legitimate modes of travel.


The resulting Plan update will thus provide the County with an effective tool to identify and act on opportunities as they arise (including development, redevelopment, grant funding, coordination with other capital projects, etc.) and to work incrementally toward a more complete and consistent network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and amenities. At the same time, the presence of these improvements will serve as an incentive for citizens to walk and cycle as greater opportunities become available and to satisfy mobility requirements by other means than motorized vehicle use.




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