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Water and Sewer Master Plan



The Environment Article, Title 9, Subtitle 5 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, requires each county to develop water supply and sewerage systems in accordance with a county master plan that specifies the extent, adequacy, sizing, staging, and other characteristics of such facilities so that they are in compliance with State laws relating to water pollution, environmental protection, and land use.  It further specifies that the extension and expansion of such water supply and sewerage systems shall be consistent with the County's General Development Plan (GDP).  The State also requires that each county conduct an update of its Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems every three years.  Anne Arundel County's most recent Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems was adopted in May 2013 and amended in 2014.
The goals of the County Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems are to:
  • Ensure a sufficient supply of water will be collected, treated, and delivered to areas programmed for service in the Master Plan;
  • Ensure wastewater will be collected from all areas programmed for service in the Master Plan and delivered to points best suited for waste treatment and disposal or reuse;
  • Both water and sewer services shall be monitored and maintained in a manner that strives to maximize the public health, safety, and welfare for all while minimizing every environmental impact; and
  • Incorporate the State's water and sewer planning principles and Smart Growth initiatives to achieve best land management practices, highest water quality protection, and partnered financial support.
Please use the map below to find the corresponding Water and Sewer Service Area Maps to the right.
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