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Planning Advisory Board

The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) reviews proposed capital projects annually with representatives from different County Departments, the Board of Education, and the Anne Arundel County Community College.  The PAB prepares an Interim Report for review by the Planning and Zoning Officer and the County Executive.  A subsequent Final Report by the PAB is prepared for inclusion in the County's Capital Budget and Improvement Program.  Once adopted by the County Council, funds are appropriated and used to finance capital projects for the budget year.
In addition to reviewing proposed capital projects, the PAB also reviews the General Development Plan, Small Area Plans, and various facility master plans such as the Solid Waste Master Plan and the Water and Sewer Master Plan.
The PAB is scheduled to meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.  Meeting notices are posted to this site as they become available.
The PAB is composed of seven County residents appointed by the County Executive for terms coterminous with the County Executive's term.  Members of the Board receive no compensation for their services.  Vacancies are filled by the County Executive.  Current members are:
Jerry L. Pesterfield, Chair
Joseph G. Mayer, Vice Chair
Matthew S. Evans III, Esq., LEED-AP
Joan C. Maynard
John Norville
Contact PAB
For more information, contact Sharon Faulkner (PAB Secretary), George Cardwell (PAB Administrator), or Cindy Carrier (PAB Administrator).
Telephone:  (410) 222-7432
FAX:  (410) 222-7487
Contact us by mail:
Office of Planning and Zoning
Long Range Planning
2664 Riva Road, MS 6403
Annapolis, MD 21401

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