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Commercial Revitalization

Commercial revitalization improves communities, reduces blighted areas, increases property values, and reduces sprawl.  Anne Arundel County encourages revitalization of its older commercial areas that serve communities and which may be in need of improvement.  This can be accomplished through adaptive reuse of existing buildings or redevelopment.
Anne Arundel County adopted legislation in 2001 and 2002 to stimulate private investment and encourage revitalization in older commercial and industrial areas located in sixteen Commercial Revitalization Areas.  Bill 97-01 established the Commercial Revitalization Tax Credit and Bill 69-02 established Commercial Revitalization Areas.  This legislation addressed vacant, underutilized commercial properties in specially designated areas of the County.  It provided greater redevelopment opportunities in older commercial areas by allowing expanded uses in certain zoning districts.
The County encourages revitalization and reuse of vacant properties by providing greater flexibility of use and tax incentives to encourage redevelopment to qualifying properties.  As a result, property owners can realize a better return from their properties with the expanded uses.  The community will also benefit from a revitalized commercial area, new uses, and better design.
Commercial Revitalization Districts
   A - Brooklyn Park
   B - Brooklyn Park below Beltway
   C - Crain Highway North - Glen Burnie
   D - Ritchie Highway - Glen Burnie
   E - Crain Highway South - Glen Burnie
   F - Glen Burnie - Ferndale
   K - Glen Burnie - Town Center
   G - B&A Boulevard - Linthicum to Brooklyn Park
   H - Route 50 - Jamal's Antique Mall
   I - Route 198 Corridor - Laurel
   J - MD 175 - North Odenton
   L - Sun Valley - Pasadena
   M - Ft. Smallwood Road/Riviera Beach - Pasadena
   N - Ft. Smallwood Road/Riviera Beach - Pasadena
   O - Earleigh Heights - Ritchie Highway
   P - Mountain Road - Pasadena
Commercial Revitalization Tax Credit
Bill 97-01 established a commercial revitalization program that allows taxpayers who revitalize their commercially- or industrially-zoned properties to receive a property tax credit for up to five years, equal to the incremental increase in their real property tax assessment for improvements of at least $100,000.  Properties must be located in one of the sixteen designated districts and certified by the Office of Planning and Zoning as a qualified property.  The owner must apply to the County Controller for the revitalization credit within 45 days after the notice of assessment from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation.
For information on the Commercial Revitalization Tax Credit, contact Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation at 410-222-7410.
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For more information on Anne Arundel County and State of Maryland revitalization and financial assistance programs, contact Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation at

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