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Zoning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Zoning
1. Why do I need a variance?
2. What is a special exception?
3. How can I can get my property reclassified (rezoned)?
4. If my use existed before the zoning laws, is it automatically grandfathered?
5. Why is the front yard of a waterfront property different from a non-waterfront property?
6. What is my zoning?
7. What are my setbacks?
8. Where are mobile homes permitted?
9. Can I or can my neighbor have horses?
10. How many pets, such as dogs, can I have in my home?
11. Can I allow my friends to dry/wet store their boats at my residential pier for the summer?
12. May I have more than one use on a lot?
13. How do I get the names and addresses of all the property owners within 175 feet of my property lines?
Non-conforming Uses
1. What is a Non-conforming Use?
2. Why must I register my Property?
3. Is there a fee for applying for a Nonconforming Use?
4. How can I register a property as a legal Nonconforming Use?
5. What kind of supporting documents should be submitted?
6. Can affidavits be submitted as evidence?
7. Am I responsible for placing a notice on the property?
8. How long will the process take?
9. How am I informed of the decision?
10. What if the decision is denied or partially approved?
11. How do I maintain my nonconforming use?
12. What about a change in ownership?
13. Can a legal nonconforming use expand?
14. Whom should I contact if I have any questions?



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