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Modification Requests Procedures and Requirements

All modifications must be in conjunction with an active subdivision currently being processed, or with an active Building/Grading permit, with the exception of a modification to sketch - in this case, tax account numbers shall be shown for association.
>> See quicklinks for information concerning floodplain modifications.
Modification Application Process
  1. Submit one (1) copy of the Modification Application Form Icon: PDF
  2. Submit letter, which shall explicitly state that a modification is being sought to the subdivision regulations or to the permit process, or to the sketch process. The applicant shall identify each requirement article and section of the  Anne Arundel  County Code  for which a modification is sought, giving  justification for the modification request and providing alternatives when applicable. If there is more than one request, number them. List the building or grading permit number, if relevant, and/or the subdivision/project. Modification request letter must include: TAX MAP, BLOCK, AND PARCEL numbers for the site. List tax account number as well.
  3. Site Plan Information:
     - A vicinity map or plat clearly locating the property in relation to major roads must accompany all requests.
     - A site plan/survey plat, which indicates the existing structures and where you wish to modify, with setbacks, must be submitted along with a copy of the existing plat. Prior plats may be available in the Plat Room of the County Court House.
     - Provide topo of the site with all lots drafted on same. Provide at least 200' beyond all property lines. Submit pictures of the area to be impacted by your request, IF NECESSARY.
  4. If modification is sought for securing subdivision approval for lots subdivided without prior subdivision approval, all necessary deeds dating back to July 1, 1952, must be included for the entire tract and any lots or parcels sold after 1952 from the original tract. (One (1) set only of the deeds) A cover sheet must accompany the deed package, outlining the history of the entire site. A title search giving dates of out conveyances, acreage, grantor, grantee and liber and folio must be included. Submit copies of all prior survey plats for the site as well.
  5. If applying for a Modification to skip the Site Development Plan (SDP) process (Article 17, Title 4), include the following information if possible, to assist OPZ with making an Adequacy of Public Facilities (APF) (Article 17, Title 5) determination.  If this information is not readily available to the applicant, the Development Division reviewers will ascertain whether or not it is required at the time of the review:
     - Information, such as a letter from a Traffic Consultant, indicating the proposed use will generate less than 50 trips per day.
     - An Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) worksheet (or, for redevelopment projects, worksheets for existing uses and proposed uses), demonstrating no additional water and sewer use.
  6. If a modification to street trees is sought, pictures taken of trees abutting county or state road must accompany modification request with a copy of a plat showing the location. 
  7. Specimen tree modifications must be substantiated by qualified professionals, reflecting the locations, type and health  of trees, and reasons for removal.
  8. If a modification to lot size is requested the applicant must address neighborhood development conditions and Health Department requirements.
  9. If storm drainage, road improvements, utility lines, grading, etc. requirements are sought to be waived, a detailed engineering justification or statement must be submitted.
  10. All backup computations should be placed in a bound/stapled booklet with pages numbered, references cited and maps clearly reproduced and signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer. No separate envelopes.
  11. Include owner’s name, address and phone number. Include contact person, if different.
  12. Include:
     A. Ten (10) sets of modification request packets for:
           1. Modifications to subdivision process.
           2. Modifications to sketch process requirements.
                i. Include subdivision application form, (1 copy) and
                ii. Forest stand delineation information or evidence that site does not contain significant woodlands/specimen trees. (3 sets).
           3. In order to submit a modification to sketch process the applicant must have gone through the Pre-submission Community Notice Process. (See AA County Code - Article 17 Section 2-107)
           4. Four (4) modification request packets for lot size/density issues, or subdivision setback issues including PUD Applicants seeking modifications to setbacks for lot issues, subdivision, or PUD’s must  provide written confirmation  that approval has been granted from the Homeowner’s Association, for the specific application presented, reflecting  the drawing, showing dimensions, as approved.
    B. In general, modifications to a permit requirement require ten (10 sets) unless otherwise noted. 
    C. For Modifications to setbacks within PUD’s and regular subdivisions, modification request and plat must be submitted at the time of subdivision submittal. (Contact your team area staff for details prior to any submittal).
    D. Eight (8) sets of modification request packets for specimen tree(s) (Bill 71-94.)  Provide exhibit and justification for the removal, including locations, tree description, and reason for removal.
  13. Fee: $250.00 – effective May 12, 2005 (can be combined into one letter – except as noted above) for new subdivisions or permits being reviewed under the NEW subdivision regulations – for those subdivisions and permits applied for prior to April 4, 2005 - $100.00 fee applies if the project is being reviewed under the former subdivision regulations (includes sketch submittal submitted under former regulations as well as subsequent final submittal for this particular project).
  14. Multiple requests for modifications within the subdivision regulations can be combined and included in one letter and one fee.
    However, Floodplain Modifications must be submitted separately. These modifications should be requested individually under separate cover and separate fees will be required per request.
  15. Please sort information into separate packets, ready for distribution. (Do not use envelopes)
  16. Make an appointment for submission by calling (410) 222-7725, at location shown:

    Permit Application Center
    Heritage Office Complex 
    2664 Riva Road, 1st Floor 
    Annapolis, MD. 21401

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