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Lot Merger Agreement

In order to combine legal lots under the same ownership, either with or without a permit, a Lot Merger Agreement Icon: PDF is required in the following process: 
  1. Lots must have identical ownership and same zoning.
  2. Obtain and complete the Lot Merger Agreement form  with the proper notarized signatures of property owners. Attach copies of the most recent deeds.
  3. Please note that when these documents are executed by or on behalf of a corporation, the signature line and notary certification should indicate that official capacity of the executing party.
  4. If the lots are under separate property tax account numbers, it will be required that the lots be combined under one property tax account number. Contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation ((410) 974-5709) to get information about combining the lots into one property tax account number and if approved, submit this form to the Permit Center.
  5. Submit the signed agreement to the applicable reviewer for an internal routing process that takes approximately 10 working days. You will then be contacted to pick up the Agreement and record it at the Circuit Court House. Finally, return a copy of the recorded Agreement to the applicable reviewer.
If you have any questions concerning this process, call the Zoning Division at (410) 222-7455.



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