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Development Division

The Development Division coordinates and administers all subdivision activity, administers the Critical Area Program as it relates to development, and regulates development activities through the permit process.
All applications are accepted by and processed through the Permits Application Center in the Department of Inspections and Permits. The applications are distributed to the Office of Planning and Zoning, Development Division where they are assigned to one of four planning teams: North, South, Critical Area or Regional Projects.
North - (410) 222-7458
Review residential and commerical subdivisions
Review Commercial Site Plans
Review Grading and Building Permits
South - (410) 222-7960
Review residential and commerical subdivisions
Review Commercial Site Plans
Review Grading and Building Permits
Regional - (410) 222-7485
Economic Development Projects (commercial buildings greater than 50,000 sq ft generating more than 50 jobs)
Residential subdivisions
Planned Unit Developments
Critical Area - (410) 222-7960
Subdivisions within the Critical Area
Image:Arundel Mills Mall, Hanover, MD
Arundel Mills Mall, Hanover, MD
Subdivision Process
Subdivision involves the process of dividing property into two or more parts. Applications are classified as either Subdivision or Minor Subdivision. Minor subdivisions are those that generally consist of five residential lots or fewer (including any existing developed lot). Subdivisions are generally those existing or proposed subdivisions that consists of more than five residential lots.
Minor Subdivision applications are reviewed under a one-step process called Final Review.  Subdivisions are reviewed under a two step process: Sketch Plan Review and Final Plan Review.
Both Minor Subdivisions and Subdivision require a pre-submission community meeting prior to the initial submission of plans. Subdivisions additionally require a community meeting five days after the submission of the final plans.    
Image: Benfield MDX Concept PlanImage: The Village at Waugh Chapel, Gambrills, MD
The Village at Waugh Chapel, Gambrills, MD     Benfield MDX Concept Plan

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