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Community Meeting Request Form

NOTE: If you use this digital form a letter must still be sent to Planning and Zoning by mail in order to verify the date notification was sent. Send a copy of the notification letter to:
Planning and Zoning
Research & GIS Division
2664 Riva Road, 4th Floor

Annapolis, MD 21401
The Applicant should mark all mail Attn: Community Meeting Notification to ensure timely receipt of information by the proper staff.
Digital Request Form
Critical Area?
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***Meetings shall be held within five (5) driving miles of the development site; however, if in the opinion of the Planning & Zoning Officer, the five mile restriction is impracticable, then the meeting shall be held at a location as may be authorized by the Planning & Zoning Officer.***


  • All lot owners within 175 feet of the property to be subdivided
  • The President of any community or homeowners' association of any subdivision that is located within 175 feet of the proposed subdivision, or proposed Site Design Plan (See Associations list on County web site)
  • The Office of Planning and Zoning, Research & GIS Division
  • The Assistant Planning & Zoning Officer - Development Division
  • The County councilmember of the Councilmanic District in which the subdivision or Site Design Plan is located and,  if the property abuts another Councilmanic district, to that County councilmember.
  • County Research Division will forward information for AA County Web Site meeting date. (Required)

See Instructions for the Code requirements for SUBMISSION MEETINGS (on County web site or County Code Sec.17-2-107)


Meetings required within the six-month period before the submission of subdivision of property that adjoins a residentially zoned and developed lot, and to a site development plan for commercial, industrial or institutional development that adjoins a residentially zoned and developed lot and to a SDP or subdivision that proposes direct impact to environmentally sensitive areas. See County Code – Section 17-2-107)


A Checklist must be submitted with the minutes from the meeting:   Download Copy


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