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Site Development Review Process

When development is proposed for a property in Anne Arundel County, it is subject to the requirements found in Article 17, Section 6, Subtitle 501 through 504. The Cultural Resources team includes professional archaeologists and architectural historians. The team consults computer models and databases, as well as pertinent documents, historic maps, and other historic documentation to determine if there is a recorded historic structure, site, or cemetery in the project area, or if there is a high potential for the presences of previous undiscovered cemeteries or archaeological sites.
Our office reviews all demolition permits to ensure that the structure proposed for demolition is not on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. We also review projects such as telecommunication towers and Community Block Development Grants to ensure compliance with State and Federal Preservation Laws. Note that many times, projects also have to undergo a State review if any federal or State funds or approvals are required. Our office also helps to coordinate these reviews with the State Historic Preservation Office to help streamline an applicant’s review process.



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