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Do you want to learn more about the history of your house or your neighborhood? Here are a few useful links to get your started!
Volunteer with Anne Arundel County Archaeologists and Preservationists!
History of Anne Arundel County (Seventeenth Century through the Present)
As part of our program, we share local and Statewide resources so that you can be a part of preserving Anne Arundel County’s history. The County partners with local non-profits, such as The Lost Towns Project, Inc., to offer regular volunteer opportunities for doing archaeology at sites currently under investigation throughout the County. These non-profits and the County work closely with local high school and university programs to offer professional internships. If you’d like to volunteer or participate as an intern, please contact us!
Visit the Lost Towns website or the links belowto learn more about archaeology and preservation in the Chesapeake area and to get involved.
Preservation and historical organizations in Anne Arundel County:
Statewide Resources:



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