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Historic Structures

There are more than 2,000 resources (including nearly 600 structures and 25 historic districts,) listed on the Anne Arundel County Inventory of Historic Resources. The County has some of the earliest intact architecture from the colonial period and claims a rich tapestry of architectural styles from the 1700s through to the 20th century. Many of these sites are also listed on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, or are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  
Image: Historical house in MD.
Properties listed on the Anne Arundel County Inventory of Historic Resources are protected by Anne Arundel County’s development regulations. The County Inventory consists of properties, buildings, structures, districts, and archaeological sites that represent County history, that are associated with the lives of historically significant persons, that have historically significant architectural value, or that are capable of yielding information important to the County’s history or prehistory.  These properties must be retained and protected, and our office works closely with the developer or owner to incorporate the historic structure into any the new development plans.

To explore historic resources listed on the County Inventory, contact our office or visit the Information Counter for Maps, Publications and Services at the Heritage Office Complex.

Significant historic or architectural site or structure will be incorporated into the overall design and plan of the development through harmonious and careful design. Vegetative or landscape buffers or plantings, architectural or preservation easements, and architectural design review of the proposed development may be required to preserve the historical integrity of the site or structure and its setting. Each project is unique and we will work closely with the developer to make sure the project is a success.


The County’s historic resources are generally 50 years old or older, and possess integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association. It may be of value to the nation as a whole or important to the state of Maryland, Anne Arundel County, or simply the community in which it is located. An historic property must possess at least one of the following criteria: (1) association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history; (2) association with the lives of persons significant in our past; (3) distinctive characteristics of a type or period of architecture, or method of construction, or the work of a master architect; high artistic value; or representative of a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction; (4) potential to yield or have yielded information important in prehistory or history.
To learn more about the built environment of Anne Arundel County, check out Donna Ware’s book “Anne Arundel’s Legacy: The Historic Properties of Anne Arundel County.” The book is available for sale through the Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, Inc or can be purchased through the Cultural Resources Program. If you would like to list your historic building on the Anne Arundel County Inventory of Historic Resources, class="normal" we can assist you with the research required to do so. State programs also offer substantial tax credits to support the renovation of certified historic houses, which can amount to a recovery of 20% of your qualified renovation costs.




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