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Transportation Commission of Anne Arundel County

Mission Statement
It is the Mission of the Transportation Commission of Anne Arundel County to study the planning, design, delivery and operation of transportation services and facilities in the County; to value the cost-effective, safe, and efficient movement of people and goods in a manner that protects and enhances natural environments and quality of life; to promote the County’s regional competitiveness in transportation; and to provide near- and long-term recommendations to the County Executive regarding the County’s current transportation program and future transportation planning and programs.
Transportation Commission Members
Ms. Jane BryantMr. Gene CondonMr. Maury Chaput
Mr. Michael GellnerMr. Bob BurdonMs. Linda G. Williams
Mr. Susan KniselyMr. Derek MeyersMr. Patrick Madden
Ms. Carol VasquesMs. Susanne SmithCo-Chairs
Mr. Bob StelmaszekMr. Robert ReillyMr. William Nevel
Mr. Bibb StrenchMr. David CosnerMr. Alex Pline
Mr. Ernest Rusty BristowMr. Joe Weinberg 
Links to Background Materials Commission Reports

Near-Term Recommendations Reports – Anticipated November 2013

Vision Report – Anticipated January 2014

Adopted 2009 General Development Plan – Transportation Plan Section & Complete Report
Corridor Growth Management Plan: Executive Summary & Complete Report



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