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Retirement Calculator - Fire Service

This pension calculator is provided solely as a tool for an individual to obtain an unofficial estimate of their retirement benefits. This calculator computes using information provided by you and does not use any information contained in the records of the retirement system. The Retirement System accepts no responsibility for any errors or defects in the calculator or in any data you may input. The accuracy of the estimate will depend on how closely the date entered by you matches the actual numbers derived in the future. The Retirement System retains no record of estimates produced by this calculator.
Accordingly, no estimate produced by this calculator shall be in any way binding upon the Retirement System, which has sole authority under law to determine your retirement benefits. Nor is there any guarantee that the estimate calculated will be received by the user. All data used in the actual calculation of your allowance at retirement is subject to audit, verifications, and possible recomputation if any subsequent errors are discovered. If you are planning for retirement in the near future you should request estimates directly from the Retirement System. To request a Benefit Projection form, you may contact us by telephone, letter, e-mail or you can download the Benefit Projection form.
Early Retirement
This plan does not offer early retirement.
Age 50 with at least 5 years of service OR 20 years of service regardless of age



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