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Mon Aug 03, 2015
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Health Department Positions
Position TitleDepartmentClosing
Consultant - Technical Writer and PlannerHealth Department7/24/15
Peer Support Specialist SupervisorHealth Department8/3/15
Administrative Specialist, Community Health EducationHealth Department
Nutritionist I or IIHealth Department8/7/15
Registered NurseHealth Department8/5/15
Office Secretary - Temporary SeasonalHealth Department8/10/15
Registered Nurses, School HealthHealth DepartmentUntil Filled
Licensed Practical Nurses, School HealthHealth DepartmentUntil Filled
Health Assistants, School HealthHealth DepartmentUntil Filled
Special Needs Aide, School HealthHealth DepartmentUntil Filled
Licensed Practical Nurse/Special Needs Nurse, School HealthHealth DepartmentUntil Filled
Anne Arundel Public Schools
The Public School System is a separate entity maintaining its own Internet site, Human Resources Office and hiring system. Please visit the Anne Arundel County Public Schools website for more information.
Temporary, Contractual, Part-time Employment
Applicants cannot use the on-line application system for these jobs. The appropriate form is listed with each opening. Please follow instructions provided with each position.
TitleDepartmentClosing Date
School Crossing GuardPoliceUntil Filled
Case Manage/Supports PlannerAging and DisabilitiesUntil Filled

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