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Adminstrative Secretary to the Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities

Department of Aging
2660 Riva Road Suite 400
Annapolis, MD 21401
Adminstrative Secretary to the Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities. 
This position will provide administrative and executive support to the Director and to the Public Information Officer. The candidate must be able to work independently, possess excellent communication skills, and demonstrate exemplary judgement and forethought for planning and executing these responsibilities in support of the mission of the Department.
Duties: Answer and direct all phone calls for the Director, monitor and answer the Director's email, keep the Director's calendar, organize weekly senior staff meetings and monthly Advisory Council meetings and bi-monthly M4A meetings, assist in creating graphics and communicating posters and word documents and citations, manage monthly credit card and expense statements for Director, develop a rapport with the County Executive's office and State leaders, monitor monthly reports and bring key items to the attention of the Director, represent the Director as a senior staff member at meetings and events both during the day and evening. Other duties as assigned.
This is a contractual position without benefits, 40 hours a week.
Please submit resume' to the following email address:


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