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Internship Program

Anne Arundel County's Intern Program is designed to identify and develop the future talents of graduate and undergraduate students throughout Anne Arundel County. The program is designed to attract candidates of a higher caliber and to offer challenging assignments reflective of full-time careers in the work place.
Anne Arundel County's Intern Program provides students with an opportunity to have exposure to the real world of business and public administration, to develop contacts, and to gain experience that may give direction to their professional life. To encourage Anne Arundel County Interns to perform meaningful work, objectives are set, and the progress of the Internship is regularly evaluated against these objectives.
Anne Arundel County Government is pleased to offer the following internships.
If you are interested, please complete the internship application (PDF Icon: PDF or Excel Icon: Excel) and submit it to the Internship Program Coordinator at  or mail it to:
Anne Arundel County Government
Office of Personnel
Attention: Internship Program Coordinator
Post Office Box 6675
Annapolis, Maryland  21401

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