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Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Website is Finally Here!
The Employee Self Service website is here! It provides you with swift and convenient access to your personal, pay, tax and benefit information. You can register today by clicking on the “Employee Self Service” link. If you need assistance, you can view and/or download the ESS brochure, which will step you through the registration process.
Employee Self Service website enables you to do any of the following:
  • View and update your personal information to keep your contact information up-to-date
  • View and change direct deposit information and tax withholding (federal and state)
  • You can also view and update your emergency contacts and dependent information.
  • View and print a copy of your pay statements and annual statements.
  • View your personal, sick and floater hours (personal days are not reflected here).
  • Update your security questions and answers to be able to reset your password to retrieve your user ID.
  • Change your password regularly to protect your account.
  • Update/Activate your cell phone numbers and email address to receive security notifications from AAC or ADP.
We are very excited about the value that the Employee Self Service website will provide you.

If you are ready to Register for ESS, click on this link: Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service
Password Activation code Process
ESS Brochure Link
Fraudulent Emails Referencing ADP
Fraudulent emails are often disguised or made to look like they are coming from an official source, such as a government agency or business.  If an email comes to your email inbox and it is asking you to take immediate action on something to do with your account or your data, even if it looks like it is from a source you know, like your bank or credit card company –
If you think it may have been a legitimate request, contact the company by phone. Do not use any number given in the email, it maybe fake too. Remember: Legitimate companies that have your sensitive data will not send or call you to ask for that information.

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