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Currently Funded Programs

Early Childhood Program
BEST (Behavioral/Emotional Support & Training) Program - Behavior specialists provide mental health consultation, behavioral assessment, program planning support and training to licensed and registered childcare providers and families for pre-k and kindergarten aged children exhibiting challenging behaviors at home or in a child care setting.
Program Contact:
Stacie Burch at Anne Arundel Community College TEACH Institute at (410) 777-2916 or 
After-School Programs
Brooklyn Park Teen Club - An after school program offered four days a week to middle school-aged students in Brooklyn Park. Program activities include teacher-led homework/tutoring sessions, community service projects, social skills development, team building, sign language, karate, drug/alcohol awareness, recreation, arts and crafts, field trips, family events. 
Program Contact: Donna Liberto, A.A. County Recreation & Parks (410) 222-7300 or
Gems & Jewels Mentoring Institute - An after school program offered three days a week at Bates Middle School to 6th-8 grade girls that provides Personal Accountability Training to include Group Dynamics/Discussions, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Diversity Training, Healthy Choices through the Fit for Life Program, Substance Abuse Education and Refusal, violence prevention through the Second Step Anti-Violence Curriculum, tutoring, opportunities for community service, recreational activities, fine arts training, and mentoring. 
Program Contact: Pastor Sheryl Menendez, Restoration Community Development Corp. (410) 267-6350 or
Mills Parole ASP - An after school program offered four days a week that provides homework assistance, tutoring, recreation and cultural activities, healthy choices programming, community service, and field trips. This program is offered at Mills-Parole Elementary School for Latino/Spanish-speaking students in grades K-5. 
Program Contact: Deb Petr, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (410) 222-1626 or
STAR Academy – This program is offered three days a week to students at George Fox Middle School in Pasadena. Activities include homework help and academic tutoring, training in the Second Step Anti-Violence Curriculum, daily group discussions, daily recreation and arts and crafts activities, and field trips. 
Program Contact: Akeda Pearson-Stenbar, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (410) 222-5356 or
Diversion Program
Community Conferencing - Community conferencing is a conflict transformation and community justice program  time non-violent offenders between the ages of 10 and 17 that provides ways for people to safely, collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime. It aims to bring the victim, offender and interested community stakeholders, including parents, together with a trained facilitator. The volunteer facilitator works with the parties to assist them in responding to destructive behavior in constructive ways and to build connections that serve the well being of all. Community Conferencing adheres to Restorative Justice principles that emphasize offender accountability and responsibility. 

Program Contact: Vince Taylor, A.A.Co Partnership for Children, Youth & Families (410) 222-7423 or
Youth Empowerment Services - YES is a 16 week after-school diversion program for status and 1st non-violent offender males between the ages of 12 and 18. The program operates sites in Annapolis and West Anne Arundel County. YES incorporates a research based prevention curriculum which focuses on school performance, drug involvement, and behavioral and emotional distress. 
Program Contact: Pastor Sheryl Menendez, Restoration Community Development Corp. (410) 267-6350 or
Other Programs
Keep A Clear Mind - KACM is a take-home drug education program for elementary school-aged students and their parents. The take-home materials consist of four lessons that are to be completed by children and their parents together that are designed to help them develop specific skills to refuse and avoid gateway drug use. 
Program Contact: Eileen Marion, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (410) 222-5460 or
Strengthening Families Program - Strengthening Families is a 14-session evidenced-based program that provides parent training for adults and life skills sessions for adolescents ages 11-17 and children ages 6-10. Sessions are run several times during the year in different areas of Anne Arundel County. 
Heather Eshleman, A.A. Co. Department of Health (410) 222-6724 or
Treasure Hunters Clearing House - A collaboration among all after-school programs and funders within the City of Annapolis to serve vulnerable youth ages 5 to 18 in the City of Annapolis. The Clearing House will increase the number and quality of caring adult volunteer mentors for youth in the City of Annapolis using the “Kids At Hope” evidence based model. 
Program Contact: Holli Dillard-Cranfill, Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel County (410) 897-9207 or
Systems of Care - The Anne Arundel County Systems of Care is a collaboration between the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families and the Anne Arundel County Public School System. Systems of Care is a multi-tiered approach to providing individualized information and support to connect children, youth and their families to appropriate resources in the community. The first tier is infoAnneArundel; a community website comprised of local resources. The second tier is the Information and Referral Phone Line. A staffed phone line provides personal assistance to individuals seeking local resources. The third tier of the Systems of Care is CRICT: Community Resource Initiative Care Team. CRICT is a forum staffed by representatives from local family-serving agencies who work with families with multiple needs to develop an Individual Family Action Plan and to help them connect to community-based resources and services. All services provided by the Anne Arundel County Systems of Care are free, confidential, and available to all Anne Arundel County residents. 
Three Ways to Find Help: SEARCH, CALL or CONNECT
  • CALL (800) 485-0041 Information & Referral Phone Line
  • CONNECT to Family Navigation & the Community Resource Initiative Care Team (CRICT)
Community Initiatives
Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) - CMCA is a community-wide coalition formed to address the perception that underage drinking is normative and acceptable behavior. CMCA aims to decrease the availability of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 and to increase the enforcement of existing drinking laws and uniform sanctions for violations of underage drinking laws. 
Program Contact: TyJuan Thompson, A.A. Co. Partnership for Children, Youth & Families (410) 222-7423 or
Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee - The aim of this program is to develop a strategic plan to reduce and eliminate the over-representation of minorities in the juvenile justice system. The DMC Committee monitors DMC locally and makes appropriate recommendation to improve outcomes for system involved youth. 
Program Contact: Virgil Boysaw, A.A. Co. Partnership for Children, Youth & Families (410) 222-7423 or
Teens In Partnership (TIP) - Teens In Partnership (TIP) is a youth advisory board consisting of students grades 8-12 who live in Anne Arundel County and are committed to making a difference in our community concerning the issues of underage drinking and substance abuse. Any student living in Anne Arundel County between the ages of 13 and 18 is welcome to participate. 
Program Contact: TyJuan Thompson, A.A. Co. Partnership for Children, Youth & Families (410) 222-7423 or | Visit the TIP Website
A.A. Co. Youth Suicide Awareness Action Team (YSA) - The A.A. Co. Youth Suicide Awareness Action Team (YSA) is a community collaborative of nearly 100 individuals representing over 37 county agencies and community organizations with the vision to educate and empower the community to prevent youth suicide and eliminate its stigma by providing support, services and resources that promote optimal mental health and resiliency in children and families. 
Program Contact: Alli Holstrom, A.A. Co. Partnership for Children, Youth & Families (410) 222-7423 or | Visit the YSA online at

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