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AACo Partnership 


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Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families 

Jinlene Chan
Deputy Health Officer, A.A. Co. Dept. of Health

Lynne Edwards
Citizen/Legacy Family Member

Florence Freeman

Pastor Steven M. Hall

Lt. Herbert Hasenpusch
Western District Assistant Commander, A.A. Co. Police Department

Marcia Kennai
Director, A.A. Co. Dept. of Social Services

Kathy Lane
Director of Alternative Education, A.A. Co. Public Schools

Kirkland Murray

Yevola Peters, CHAIR
Special Assistant for Minority Affairs & Human Relations, Office of County Executive

Kate Rollason
Community Non-Profit Representative
Executive Director, The ARC

Lisa Shore

Frank Sullivan
Executive Director
Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency

Virgil Walker
Asst. Area Director, Dept. of Juvenile Services

Jack Walsh

Michael Yeakey, VICE CHAIR
Public Sector Representative
Director of Occupational Skills, Anne Arundel Community College


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