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AAC Community Television

Anne Arundel Community Television (AACT) is the public access cable channel for Anne Arundel County. Its purpose is to provide a medium for individuals, organizations and educational institutions to communicate with the citizens of the county. AACT is organized and operated by the Anne Arundel County Government to provide the following services:

  • Provide training in the use of television production equipment
  • Produce and encourage the community to produce programming that serves viewers with high production quality, diverse viewpoints and regular scheduling
  • Act as the vehicle for coordinating the public, educational and government access programming
  • Develop and administer appropriate regulations concerning the use of the public access channel and its facilities

Image: PEG Cameraman

The public access facility, equipment and channel will be scheduled on a first come, first served, nondiscriminatory basis within the times established by AACT. The rules and regulations set forth below have been adopted to assure compliance with current federal, state and county laws and regulations governing the availability and use of Anne Arundel Community Television services. The policies and regulations set forth herein supersede any others previously issued. The public access records shall be retained for a period of four (4) years and are available for public inspection upon written request.


The facilities and channel are available to residents of Anne Arundel County on a non-discriminatory basis. A user must be an individual, organization or institution that has a legal address in Anne Arundel County. Users may be under the age of 18 provided an adult takes full legal and financial responsibility for equipment and facilities.


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